Support & Service

Customer Support

Please call 412-787-2484 or email and you will be directed to the appropriate CSD representative.

Technical Support Tier 1

Please call 412-787-2484 or email and you will be directed to the appropriate technical representative.


Repairs and Returns

Credit may not be available for returned products, if the packages are opened, damaged or have parts missing.
Products may only be returned for credit when a Contaminant - Free Certificate has been completed and attached to the equipment. Once goods have been returned, they will be inspected by qualified ProMinent personnel. A restocking charge may be applied to your account. 
Certain items such as glass probes, buffer solutions, items that have a shelf life etc., no credit will be issued. All custom equipments and/or special order items are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to pass on all related charges received from our suppliers for all cancellations or credit returns.

To return a product for Repair or Warranty evaluation, the following procedure must be followed

1.Contact ProMinent for an RGA (Return Goods Authorization ) Number using one of the following methods:


b.Call: 1-412-787-2484

c.Include in your request:

              i.Model Number

              ii.Serial Number

              iii.Description of problem

              iv.Your contact information

2.We will then send you an RGA by either Fax or e-mail, Please keep a record of the RGA number for your records.

3.Fill out all fields on the form and attach to the outside of the box

a.Please note that if the product has been in contact with any chemical it must be fully flushed out before being returned, also the chemical description and MSDS must accompany the RGA

4.Once we have received the return we will send you a quote for repair within 2 working days.

·Please note that if you need to enquire about the status of the repair you will need to quote the RGA/Quote number that is printed on the RGA , you can call 1-412-787-2484, or e-mail

·If product comes back without an RGA or if it appears not to have been flushed it will be either placed in quarantine until we can contact you, or it will be returned to you, collect shipment.